Online Consultations Now Available  

Telehealth services use information and communication technologies to deliver healthcare services. This can include a consultation via telephone, email or videoconferencing. Telehealth is becoming more popular as a mode of healthcare delivery due to the benefits it provides to both patients and practitioners. It also has the potential to provide patients with more convenient and efficient access to healthcare whilst remaining safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A Telehealth appointment usually involves conducting a consultation remotely using the camera on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 



In general Telehealth works well for outpatients or those unable to travel (as a general clinic alternative). However, given the current social distancing measures, this service is generally available to everyone. Specifically it is available to the following:

  • Anyone with a referral from their doctor

  • Eligible DVA clients 

  • NDIS participants with approval from their plan managers

  • Workers Compensation patients with an eligible referral from their case manager 


Once you have made your first Telehealth appointment with us there are two options for you.



Full Circle Wellness uses PhysiApp, the world's leading provider of online exercise prescription, which enables us to prescribe you with a comprehensive range of exercises in video format that can easily be followed in the comfort of your home.


As a patient all you need to do is install Physiapp on your smartphone or tablet, or access PhysiApp on your computer or laptop. We will do the rest. We will schedule a telehealth video call between you and your practitioner, who will then prescribe an exercise program specifically for you that can be done outside of sessions. This enables you to exercise without our supervision, as well as communicate with us about how you went. This is all conveniently done within PhysiApp.  Click on the button below for detailed instructions. 


2.   ZOOM

Alternatively we can also utilise an application called Zoom. This is easy to use, but more difficult when it comes to prescribing exercises and communication outside of sessions. 


Before your Telehealth appointment we suggest you make sure you have checked the following:

  • Strong internet connection

  • Device has a near full battery 

  • Audio and Visual Connection

  • Camera is setup handsfree

  • The room is quiet

  • The room is clear and well lit

  • Obstacles are removed

  • Any session equipment is nearby

  • Log on 5 minutes early

If you are interested in arranging a Telehealth consultation, or want more information, contact your GP or allied health practitioner. They can provide information about the different apps and how best to use Telehealth for your needs. Contact us today on 07 5456 1599 and we can guide you through the process.

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Physiapp Telehealth Sunshine Coast
Telehealth Online Exercise Physiology Queensland
Physiapp online consultation

We understand some people are not confident using new technology, so we have chosen PhysiApp because it is so user friendly. To use Physiapp on your Smartphone or Tablet simply download the app. Alternatively you can access it on your laptop or desktop computer via the website, preferably using Chrome or Firefox as the web browser. 

Follow the link below for a series of instructions on how to setup and use PhysiApp for Telehealth on your computer, laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone. We can help guide you on getting setup and using the system if you get stuck.


  • Accessible to everyone.

  • Online consultations using your existing smartphone, computer or other device.

  • Easy to setup with a simple app and login.

  • Clearly narrated exercise videos to guide you step by step.

  • Compete your exercises anywhere, anytime.

  • Report back on your progress and feedback allowing us to provide you with better support based on clear outcome data.

  • Stay on track with email, in-app and/or SMS reminders.

Sample PhysiApp Exercise Video

Below are some sample exercise videos available for us to prescribe to you in PhysiApp.