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Improve your pulmonary health with advice and treatment from an accredited exercise physiologist at Full Circle Wellness.

Some of the main conditions we treat are detailed below.


Obstructive Lung Diseases

People with obstructive lung diseases, such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema and COPD, mainly suffer from shortness of breath. Due to narrow airways inside the lungs, the air exhaled comes out slower than normal.


With regular supervised exercise from your exercise physiologist, your muscle strength and fitness can be improved and maintained.


Through exercise, one can improve breathing, clear chest mucus, reduce breathlessness and improve body balance. Our respiratory physiologists can help you exercise with less shortness of breath, increase activity, and the quality of your life.

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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

One major problem affecting people with COPD is shortness of breath during exercise, hence the reason to avoid it. The reduced level of fitness caused by lack of exercise results in extreme difficulty breathing and shortness of breath occurs at a much lower rate than normal.


COPD affects elderly people mostly because of their inactivity, resulting from loss of muscle mass and strength. However, with the aid of our exercise physiologists, one can improve their heart, circulation and muscles, reducing stress caused by exercise.


Asthma is a long-term chronic lung disease that causes narrowness and inflammation of the airways. It results in unending wheezing periods, chest tightness, breath shortness, and frequent coughing.


Our guidance and advice can show you how regular exercise can improve the strength of your lungs, increase the intake of oxygen, and help you breathe without any struggle, and help you manage asthma.


We provide a strategic exercise program with relevant and specific recommendations that will help adjust asthma medication and accommodate increased physical activity.

Asthma Exercise Sunshine Coast Gym
Exercise For Man With Bronchitis


Bronchitis can cause persistent coughing and breathing problems when your lungs don’t receive enough air. Our accredited exercise physiologists can recommend the type of exercise you need that contributes to improving breathing and the amount of air reaching your lungs.


Emphysema is a lung condition causing breath shortness where the air sacs found in the lungs are damaged, creating air spaces that are too large instead of normal small ones.


Our physiologists will take you through steps on how to quit smoking, which is a major contributor of this condition, and also provide you with a regular exercise program that will help your body get adequate training on how to use oxygen, reduce breath shortness, as well as improve the capacity of your lungs.

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Restrictive Lung Diseases

This chronic condition causes people to have the inability to fill their lungs with enough air, causing the lungs to be restricted from expanding to full capacity. Cystic Fibrosis is one such disease associated with restrictive lung disease.


Appropriate exercise can slow the rate of decline of lung function and clear mucus from within the lungs to allow for easier breathing. Our qualified exercise physiologists will provide you with the right information on how regular physical exercise can benefit you through clearing mucus from the lungs, slowing lung function, and teaching you which exercises will be effective in fighting this condition.

Your respiratory system is vital to the well-being of your body. Our team can improve the functions of your lungs and your overall health. Book an appointment with an exercise physiologist at Full Circle Wellness today and start to manage your condition with exercise.

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