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One of the most common goals we hear at Full Circle Wellness is 'how can I lose weight'?  When you Google "how to lose weight", there are a variety of responses with each one being more complicated than the previous and most of them being contradictory!

This article will focus on some simple guidelines and information on weight loss and how you can achieve your targets with specific and smart planning. Below is a small summary.

Weight loss facts from accredited exercise physiologist Tristan Hall Sunshine Coast

Simply put, the act of losing weight (fat) is the breakdown of stored fuel (fat) through a series of complicated metabolic and physiological processes, which utilise these stores as energy sources for exertion. What we can gather from this is that the type of energy/fuel we place into our body is just as important as how our bodies utilise that fuel. 

A basic principle, which underpins most weight loss regimes, is calorie deficit. Meaning that the expenditure of calories is greater then the input of calories, which results in the loss of stored fuel or weight!! Simply put eat less and exercise more.

So the fundamental basics of weight loss are exercise and diet!  With 'exercise' being the output and 'diet' being the input. 


Diet relates directly to the input of calories. As mentioned in previous articles, diet is a major contributing factor to weight loss and general health and well-being. By controlling the type, portions, make up and timing of our nutrition we can ultimately determine our fuel sources and how they are stored.  

The first simple tips we provide are to investigate the type of food and the portion size of your meals. Most people have good diets and all they are lacking is control of the amount of food they are eating (even good food!) and understanding the type of food that can be best utilised for energy.  There are many diets, regimes and plans that can be beneficial for each individual. By consulting with a Dietitian a tailored diet plan can implemented that focuses on all of these areas.  

Dietitian for Weight Loss Tin Can Bay


Exercise relates directly to the expenditure of our calories.  We uptake calories on daily basis therefore it is extremely important to be active daily to utilise this fuel!! The higher the frequency of exercise (how often) the more weight loss that will occur. At FCW we encourage higher frequency of exercise and a slow increase in the type and duration as your weight loss plan progresses.

A simple tip for exercise and weight loss is to perform some form of exertion every day. This is more effective than exercising 1-2 times a week at high intensity and longer durations. Activities such as walking the dog, parking further from the shops or taking the stairs at work all contribute to calorie expenditure. Obviously weight loss is much more complicated than these steps alone and the assistance of an Exercise Physiologist can guide and motivate you on this journey. 

Exercise physiology for seniors health Sunshine Coast

We hope this article has provided you with some simple tips to start, or continue, your weight loss journey. If you would like more specific guidance on either topic please feel free to contact our allied health professionals on 07 5456 1599  for a chat. 

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