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As we head into summer and the mercury begins to rise, we will continue on with our ‘summer series’ and focus on some alternative methods of exercise and activity throughout the warmer months. 

Using the excuse of ‘it's too hot’ or ‘the sun is too fierce’ will not suffice when it comes to maintaining our health and wellness. To avoid the heat we recommend exercising during the cooler times of the day, like early morning or late afternoon, and choosing indoor or water based activities as detailed below. 

Should I run in hot weather?

Gym Based Exercise

As we have established that heat and sun are the major risk factors of exercising throughout summer a gym facility breaks down both of these barriers. Commercial, private and home based gyms all provide the basics of shade and, hopefully, air conditioning to enable you to maintain your health without become dehydrated.  Gym based exercise can be tailored to your needs and limitations and can be expertly provided by one of our exercise physiologists. 

Home Based Exercise

Falling very much in line with the above tip, home based exercise can keep up our adherence without subjecting ourselves to the elements. Once again an exercise physiologist can provide appropriate and goal specific home based exercise plans to maintain your health and well being whilst using your personal surroundings. 

Water Based Therapy

The most obvious choice of activity is water based. This can include hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, swimming laps or simply swimming for leisure in a pool, at the beach or at a watering hole! We are blessed with these options in southeast Queensland, however we should be mindful of the time of day and duration in the sun. Hydrotherapy has been shown to improve cardiovascular, renal and respiratory function and, not only that, it is low intensity on the skeletal system and reduces tension on our muscles. All around a great method of exercise!!! 

Walking Around the Shopping Centre!!! 

Although this may fall under the category of retail therapy, the simple act of walking throughout the plaza or local shopping complex will reach your goal of exercise whilst avoiding those nasty elements. A simple 1-2 hour shop at your local area will provide enough increase in activity to classify as a daily exercise session.  This is a great way of achieving two things at once. 

By simply making minor changes we can continue to lead a high quality life without subjecting ourselves to the elements. If you are looking for guidance in relation to exercise and activity ideas throughout summer please make an appointment with one of our accredited exercise physiologists on the Sunshine Coast, Cooloola Coast or Brisbane. Call us on 07 5456 1599.

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