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Resistance bands are a fun alternative to weights. Not only are they simple to use, that are also inexpensive and very effective for strength training. Used regularly these bands help you maintain your range of motion, build strength and improve blood circulation.

What Type of Band Do I Need?

There are two types of resistance bands - those with handles and those without. The ones without handles allow you to adjust your hold to anywhere on the band. They are all you need!

Bands come in different levels of tension. Start with a low or medium resistance band and work your way up!

Resistance Bands At Home Exercise

Top 5 Exercises With Resistance Bands

Here are a few exercises to get you started. Remember to keep a medium tension on the bands throughout and adjust your grip as needed. You should be able to do 10 repetitions of an exercise with some effort for the last few reps.

1. Oblique Twist – stand up and hold the band in two hands with your arms out in front. Turn your arms and torso to one side, lifting the heel of the opposite foot. Turn to the other side. This warms up your lower back. Repeat for a few minutes.

2. Lateral Raises – sit on a stable dining chair. Sit on the resistance band and hold the ends. Start with your arms down at your sides. Then lift them until they form a T with your body. Then slowly lower your arms to the sides. Do not lock your elbows during this exercise. Adjust the band as needed. Repeat 5 times. Add in some single arm lateral raises. Finish with 5 more lateral raises with both arms. This exercise strengthens your shoulder muscles in particular.

3. Posture Pull – this exercise helps your posture by strengthening your upper back. Sit upright in a stable dining chair. Hold the band with both hands. Put your arms out in front of you at shoulder width. Inhale and slowly open your arms out to the sides. Exhale and return your arms to the relaxed position. Keep your torso, neck and head upright as you do this. Repeat 10 times.

4. Single Bicep Curl – Place one end of the band under the ball of your foot. Hold the other end firmly. Slowly curl your arm up to your shoulder then uncurl it. Repeat 10 times then switch to the other side. Do 2 sets.

5. Rowing – Sit on the floor with your legs out in front and your band around your feet. Hold the band firmly in both hands. Pull your elbows back until they are slightly behind your body. Do not raise your arms up. This is different to a bicep curl. Repeat this rowing action 20 times. Work slowly, keeping the resistance on the band at all times. Take a rest and do another set.

Resistance Band Exercise For Seniors

If you want more information about incorporating resistance band into your routine you can make an appointment with one of our accredited exercise physilogists. They can guide you through the best exercises for your needs and help create a simple program you can practice at home every day. Contact us on 5456 1599 and speak to our friendly staff today!

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