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Summer is once again upon us and with the current heat wave nutrition and hydration are focal points of our health and well being. We have previously discussed the best methods for staying hydrated, so this month we will discuss some quick tips for nutritional energy boosts throughout the hotter seasons, when the heat can leave you feeling tired and drained.

Be mindful that these tips/foods are simply a guide and should not replace the advice given by an accredited Dietitian. Your personal dietary requirements should be followed when implementing these foods.


Bananas are great sources of natural sugar, rich in fibres and help with digestion regulation. They are also nutrient rich, which will help with boosting energy and providing a slow release stream that can aid in endurance.


A great source of carbohydrates, fibre and a great natural sugar kick! Similar to

bananas, apples also supply a quick energy. With a slower yet sustained release of energy, they provide the perfect food to increase endurance and short-term alertness.


Similar to the above suggestions, avocados are high in fibre and carbohydrates but they are also high in healthy fats. This combination of nutrients provides a slow but controlled release of energy. Avocados are continuously referred to as a super food and provide a wide range of health benefits addition to boosting energy.

Learn more about the benefits of avocado here.


A potentially controversial admission to the list, caffeine provides a quick and high intensity boost of energy and essentially acts a vasoconstrictor. Although it does not have the long lasting effects of the above suggestions it can help with alertness and reducing lethargy. Try an iced coffee in the summer. The recommended daily intake of caffeine should be taken in to account to over avoid over consuming.

The five mentioned foods vary between slow and quick release energy sources and can be used accordingly. A mixture of both methods will supply the most benefit, depending on the task at hand. If you would like to discover a more comprehensive list of energy boosting foods we suggest you start here.

If you are looking for more thorough and specific nutritional information please feel free to contact our office and discuss your lifestyle with our accredited Dietitian, Kristy Pieters.

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